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Sun May 14th   

at 3 pm

guest artist 

Stefan Melovski

benefit concert for Sudan through the KhartouMap Sudan Emergency Drive      - Sunday 18th june   

- 3 pm 

A deadly civil war as broken out between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group. Hundreds of innocent people have been killed and thousands injured in the crossfire. Widespread destruction and chaos has spread throughout Sudan. Your help is desperately needed.ary 


Gig has been postponed until further notice.  Your donations will carry over to the next gig.  Date TBA!

Mulligans World Tour  -  a unique folk music trio

Sophie Mulligan - vocals, trumpet, recorder

Daniel Mulligan  - vocals, double bass

Nicola Hadley     - vocals, accordion 





Traditional English, Irish, French, German, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Klezmer, plus related music from the Middle East, Argentinia and Brazil.

Mulligans World Tour.jpg
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